Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here is looking at you

Last Thursday, I spent a little time at the Jekyll Island Campground Bird Sanctuary. We enjoyed watching the chickadees and titmice. But when a Summer Tanager caught a wasp in front of us then processed to eat it, we were captivated.

Sorry the picture is blurry but she was really beating that wasp.

We were able to watch a Yellow Warbler trying to work up the courage to come to the water drip. I could not a photograph for this little bird was in the shadows. But when she would land on a branch in a little bit of sunlight, oh my the yellow just shined.

Of course, the star was this Yellow-throated Warbler that spent some time looking at us. At one point there were two of them chasing each other.

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dAwN said...

A beautiful bird.
I am so glad I can finally catch up with your blog! I have been without internet for some time now because we have been traveling.
we are now in montana visiting my sister and I have internet!
Will loose connection once we go to Yellowstone..
Oh well.