Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Janice shared this picture is me at Coastfest.  Working with families is so much fun.  I will be at Turtlween on October 20.  Bring your family and learn about nature. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looking for birds a Coastfest

The first Saturday in October is Coastfest.  It is a day that the Coastal Resource Division of Georgia Department of Natural Resource celebrates the variety of environmental groups that work for the Georgia coast.  There is lots of excitement.  This a large aquarium of local fish.
 The kids and their parents love it.  I was there with information about Operation Plover Patrol.  The folks at US Fish and Wildlife Service are wonderful.  They are applying for a grant to help the project so they offered me an opportunity to talk about the Plover Patrol.  Thanks so much guys!
 I took a few breaks to looked for other bird projects.  I came across this bird promoting recycling! 
 Of course, Coastal Georgia Audubon was there with the Build a Bluebird house booth.  This a wildly popular booth.  This year the team helped 275 kids build a bluebird house to take home. 
 Here they are in the thick of building bird houses!   Way to go Chris, who is the powerhouse behind the project.  Thanks also to the tireless workers. 
All the young people got a chance to experience nature.  This is thanks to all the hard work of all the environmental groups and especially the organizers.  Coastfest was a big success.