Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pocket marsh bird survey

On November 9, I completed my first survey of a pocket marsh. This little marsh was cut off back in the 1960’s and has filled in over the years. My assignment is to find out what birds are using the area now. My! I love these assignments. It is wetlands filled with various marsh grasses. Surprisingly there are quite a few birds using it. My favorite one is the Sedge Wren. It was so close to me I could almost touch it. What a subtle beauty. There were also some Wood Storks hanging out as well.

Catch up with a Snow Bunting

Oh gosh....I am way behind on this blog. I have been working on several projects all at the same time. But now I have one of the largest projects out of the way. I can now catch up.

First, there was a Snow Bunting that visited the Altamaha WMA a few weeks ago. The bird was very easy to find because it was chowing down on grass seeds in a small burn area. My little group got to see and photograph it.
Enjoy your birds! Lydia

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Causeway to Jekyll

It is a matter of perspective. Back in July, we had a festival meeting on Jekyll. I wrote in my blog how enjoyable the drive to Jekyll was with all the wild flowers in bloom accented by the breathtaking vistas. During the birding festival, I heard comment after comment about the beautiful causeway and all those wildflowers. An artist friend and I were talking a little later about art. She had a beautiful painting of the entrance to Jekyll. She commented about the nature beauty of the drive to Jekyll.
So imagine my surprise when at the JIA board meeting there was a plea to do something about the Jekyll Causeway, it was a tunnel.
October 2007