Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coastal Georgia Audubon takes a boat ride

On Saturday, Coastal Georgia Audubon Society went for a boat ride with the Dolphin Tours. It was wonderful. We went down to the south end of Jekyll. This was a wonderful way to see how these birds are gathering. We also saw Molly one of Operation Plover Patrol volunteer on the job. Here are some pictures taken by another Operation Plover Patrol Volunteer, Janice Browning. Walkers unaware of the birds walked right thru the resting bird. Operation Plover Patrol will help folks to appreciate what these birds are doing here.
Cormorants galore They are generally the first to leave when disturbed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A positive step for Bird Conservation

Jekyll was all about shorebirds today March 22. Ben Carswell and I along with 2 americorps folks met Gene Keferl, Janice Browning of Coastal Georgia Audubon Society (CGAS) volunteers at the south end of Jekyll. We put up Wilson’s Plover signs and roped off an area of the critical Wilson’s Plover habitat. We have seen two pairs of Wilson’s setting up territories in the area. This is a positive first step for bird conservation and Operation Plover Patrol on the island. This looking toward the ocean and the fencing.I am very excited to have The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Coastal Georgia Audubon, The Jekyll 4-H working with Jekyll’s New Director of Conservation, Ben Carswell.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Azaleas bloom in March

Back in the middle of February, someone asked me when the azaleas bloom. I said around the middle of March. The comment back was "Oh, I thought it was in the middle of April." Well, it is the middle of March. Here the azaleas. They are so pretty.
I have been up to my eye balls in grants and plover patrol so I have been behind in my blog. Here are a couple of pictures that I took this week at the Amphitheater pond. It is coming alive with wildlife. This Anhinga was just hanging out with a pile of turtles. Now I am back to work.