Friday, March 29, 2013

Sorry to take so long to post but I have been very busy pulling together this art show. It shows my growth as an artist over the last thirty year of drawing, printing and painting birds.
Here is one of my walls that I had to fill.  These are drawing using graphite and pastels

     There were a lot of walls to fill so I worked and worked and worked.  I didn't know how it was going to look so I was surprised to see it up.  Thank you to the Jekyll Island Art association's Rosemary and Stephanie for hanging so well.  The show is at the Goodyear Cottage on Jekyll Island.  It will run through the end of the April.

Here are a few more pieces.

 The other artist in the show is Nancy Adams of Savannah Georgia.  Her organic gourds are simply beautiful.                                                                         

Of course, what I work so hard for is the Plover Patrol to help the birds that are my driving force. So it is back to the birds.  Also I would like to thank David Fisher for taking these great photos of the show.