Monday, August 10, 2009

A Sad Story

This is from my friend Georgia. She and I are sharing SEANET Survey duties. Before I tell you this sad story. I want to give you some hope. Education is key. There are those invaluable times when teaching moments drop in our lap. I am always ready to share my scope view of birds with folks on the beach who are interested. Here are some healthy pelican on the south end of Jekyll.Now here is the sad story told in Georgia unique style. She did the survey on Thursday
“Did my survey today. Had a live pelican. I heard about him today before I went to the beach. He/she was in a great spot, completely surrounded by MUD and inaccessible to tourists until about 5pm. It took me 3 tries, but I got him. Safely resting at Dr. Rossiter’s (this is a vet who help with wild animals). But not until he got a ride in my lap with only a towel over his head, Poor fellow. I called Dr. Rossiters office as soon as I caught him to make sure someone would be there. Mary was jumpin for joy! She’d been trying to catch him, along with Dr. Arbo(vet) and a few other East Beach residents. Apparently, a gentleman who lives on East Beach saw some kids putting cheese balls on a hook and line and throwing them to him. And they hooked him. He must have swallowed the line. I didn’t see anything. He’s been there for about 3 days. Too weak to fly. When he tried to get away from me, he would flap his wings but his webbed feet were dragging the beach. I’m going to check on him tomorrow and will then enter my data on SEANET. I also have to get his picture.
She then emails me the next day: Georgia continues:
“(Friday Morning report) He died last night. It just breaks my heart. He seemed to be doing well. They found the hook and line, wrapped tightly around his wing, hooked in tissue, but no damage to the bone. They got fluids in him and Mary had gone out to get fresh fish for him. But he just couldn’t make it and died about 9:30 last night. I’m going over to take photos; not looking forward to that. Mary can’t look at him. I only hope those kids hear about him and realize what they did. “

I want to thank Georgia for allowing me to pass her story on to you.

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dAwN said...

Oh..sad story..
what a shame!