Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recycling for Coastal Georgia Audubon

Recycling is the main fundraiser for our small Coastal Georgia Audubon Society (CGAS). For the past year, the company that buys our newspapers has been shut down. There was no market for recycled newspaper. We did every thing we could to pack our storage area, which is 24 feet by 12 feet on Jekyll Island. We had to wait. We have the company pick up the papers two to three times a year. After a full year, we were just plain out of space. Finally, the company reopened. On Tuesday the truck came. Here is what the inside of the truck looked like when I arrived about 30 minutes late. I was mailing the Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival booklets. Yea! They are out in the mail.
Here is Gene Keferl in our building. In order to move the newspapers from the building into the truck, the Piggy Wiggle allows us to use their rollers. We had about 10 people to move the papers into the truck. It was long hot work. Here is the tuck when was filled. One of our teen aged workers is up on top.
We take all kinds of newspaper and magazines. This includes shredded paper. The kids had fun getting this stuff pushed back in the truck.
Here are some of the volunteers that came out in the heat to help. It took us about five and half hours to load the truck.
Here they are tossing the newspaper back into the truck.

More volunteers working hard.
Here is Jim Gertis, our local bee keeper, who came to help. This is close to the end and our building is clearing out. He is readjusting the rollers we don't over work.
Then at around 2:30 we were finished and now we will start all over. The money we raise goes to donating to events like the Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding and Nature Festival and last year we help build the Observation Tower at the Jekyll Island Welcome Center. One thing I learned about this is gathering up this newspaper is just the first step. Next time you buy computer paper look for the recycle label. Thanks to all who came out to help.
Here is our little building. If you are on Jekyll Island on Saturday from 9-noon, stop by and drop off your newspaper. You will meet some of CGAS volunteers who help tie them up in bundles.

Now back to the birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

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