Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jekyll Island's causeway

Roads, I love roads. Roads can take you places fast and straight. However, they also allow you to slow down and look at the scene around you. I guess it is the gypsy in me but when I see a road that looks good I take it. I also love to photograph these roads. I have been photographing unique roads most of my life. Two images really stick out in my mind. One of my favor road pictures is the road in the Hill County of Texas. The other is the road in the Pawnee Grassland. You can see that it is straight for miles ahead of you but right in the middle is a caution curve sign then you see the one little crook then it straighten out. Amazing image! Anyway, roads inspire us to explore. So last week, when I was waiting to turn on the causeway to Jekyll Island, I took this shot of one of my favorite roads on Jekyll. This causeway is a land bridge through the marsh. It is an opportunity to see up close the animals and birds that live in our vast marshlands.
Here are a few Wood Storks resting in the marsh near the causeway after a feast of shrimp and fish as the tide went out.
I am often inspired by this causeway marsh. Look at this view from the Jekyll Island Welcome Center Tower. Georgia O'Keeffe was inspire by roads she saw from planes. I see what she means when I look at the ribbon of a marsh creek draining into the marsh. At the Welcome Center for there are some very interesting birds that can be seen from the viewing tower but you need a scope.

I also stopped at a small hammock. Hammocks are small islands in the marsh. This hammock is great for butterflies. Here are a couple of Tawny Emperors. I have to confess I had to email two butterflies experts to get the identification. Still these Tawny Emperors are beautiful and unique just like the causeway.

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