Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes are out of the way! Yea. I have been so busy that I really could not do anything but work on the grant and do those taxes. Even then, I always get out for a few hours on Thursday.

Last Thursday, the American Avocets were in full breeding plumage. They are behind the American Oystercatchers.
It was a windy day. The beach was loaded with birds. The Loggerhead Shrikes look like they are going to nest in the trees just south of the Jekyll Island Convention Center.


dAwN said... sure do have allot of birds there...
I wanted to click on your photos and make them larger but i couldn't..
Do you have this disabled?

Lydia said...

Hi dAwN, You know this internet thing is sometime a mystery. I am really printmaker who just discovered the 21st century. As soon as I find out why these photos don't work, I'll tell you.
In the meantime Thanks for the comments. Tomorrow is Thursday. Wonder what is out there? I love this birdie thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carl said...

Hi Lydia,

Mike, Meg and I really enjoyed our ramble with you last week. The avocets and oystercatchers were great, but my favorite was the white pelican flyover. Two good observations since last week. Mike saw a swallow-tailed kite over Jekyll River, and we heard a chuck-wills-widow outside our window the other night.


Jonathan said...

Are these the "missing" birds that we could not find by the convention center when we went out? If so, I am glad to see they are back!

Lydia said...

Jonathan Yes they are back and it looks like they are nesting. Yea!