Friday, April 17, 2009


In January, I went to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. My goodness, you meet fascinating people at these festivals. While sitting in my booth, I was able to engage all kinds of people in conversation. I met Dawn Fine who is living my dream life and blogging about it. Check out her blog. I do.

Another person that stopped to talk to me was Steve Moore. Steve is gifted with a velvety satin voice, it makes sense that he loves broadcasting. He has a website called Birdwatch Radio. After talking to me for a few minutes he pulled out his microphone and interviewed me on the spot. What fun! I love talking about the Georgia Coast. Take time to listen to Steve's interview with me but don’t stop with mine. There is some great information on Birdwatch Radio.
Thanks Steve.

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dAwN said...

Oh shucks, thanks for the plug!
We also met Steve that week...very nice person and yes that silky voice..He has great podcasts!
Thanks again!
Love reading your blog and hope we can someday bird together!