Monday, April 27, 2009

Wilson's Plover signs

Every year the Wilson's Plovers nest on the south end of Jekyll Island. They need help. Too many people are clueless to these amazing beach nesting birds. Coastal Georgia Audubon Society puts up signs to help. Today was the day. Gene Keferl and I put up 17 signs. I will be watching these Wilson's Plover for the next couple of months. Stay turned.
A little bonus the horseshoe crabs were laying eggs.


dAwN said...

Thanks for putting up the signs...and I look forward to maybe some photos of the chickys..
Its great that the horseshoe crabs are laying eggs and the numbers are increasing.

Lydia said...

The horseshoe crab have been really trying to increase their numbers this week. There were at least thirty on the southend of Jekyll. At St. Simonss Island's Gould's Inlet we had at least twenty in one small area. It is fascinating. The shorebirds are not bad either.