Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lady Jane Eco-tour

It has been a full week and more of birding & art. Plus the weather here has been too perfect to be inside. On Saturday, our Coastal Georgia Audubon Society teamed up with Okefenokee Bird Club to go on the Lady Jane Shrimp Eco-tour. It was a boatload of birders. What a blast! This trip is a hands on learning trip. Captain Larry and his crew pull a net and bring it up to show us what is in the waters of our marshes. The boat is very stable so no need to worry about getting seasick. It was so much fun watching the net going out. However, when the net came back, there were fish, shrimp and lot of other stuff, incredible! Clifford was the first mate who told us what we were seeing. (Clifford is the gentleman in the blue.) The shrimp tasting was an added bonus. Now that was fresh shrimp!

The shrimp was good. The birds were fun to watch.

And the conversations, informative.

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dAwN said...

I am totally bummed that We arent there...what a cool event..and week.
We are in Waynesboro, Ga. half hour south of Augusta for a week having some work done on our Homey.