Friday, March 13, 2009

bubbles in the sand

Hey Georgia.....what is going on here? It was high tide and the waves were washing in on the sand.

There were lots of shorebirds hanging around too.


dAwN said...

Darn...couldnt see the video! my internet card is slow...don't have a great connection in this area...Will catch it in a week when we leave.
But now I am in suspense..what is going on in the sand.
Also I wanted to click on the shorebird photo to make it larger so we could ID some birdies..but It didnt work...I was able to click on another photo of dont know why this one doesn't.
So..I will try again later..

Lydia said...

Humm? I had trouble with the bottom photo as well. For an artist who works with a medium that has not changed in the last five hundred year, this is magic.

ladykatza said...

I was always told that it was the little clams than dig themselves down into the sand.