Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pop, Bang and Boom

There was a pop, then a bang and somewhere in that moment the house shook, then there was silence. I had no power, no cable and no telephone. Here is what happened.A big old water oak fell and took out the power and telephone. The power company was out working on it within minutes. They had the tree out of the way in a couple of hours and the power was back on by dark the same day. That was Sunday.

Now the phone company...another story. I saw where they worked on Monday and Tuesday. Soon my neighbors had phones by Wednesday. ME? I called and I called finally yesterday Friday, at around 3 pm my phone rang. It was a robo call. You would know after a week of silence the first call would be a nuisance call. I ran outside to talk to the repairman and to thank him. Why...because he was the first person who was a representative of the phone company that was not a computer.
Anyway I am back sorry for the long silence. Here is a catbird who was in my bird drip on Sunday with another picture of the downed tree.

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