Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wilson's Plovers

There were lots of little things that got me hooked on birding. Watching Wilson's Plovers at the south end of Jekyll Island was one. When I first got the bug to bird, I was working in Atlanta. I would make monthly trips to Jekyll and spend my time studying shorebirds. In May and June of that year a plover caught my imagination. Wilson's Plovers have just not let go of me. They are designed for our beaches.
There are three birds in this picture, two Wilson's Plovers and a Ruddy Turnstone. I've have seen school groups settle down near these birds and never see them. They just sit very still and blend. That skill is what helps them success in nesting on our beaches. In the next few months, I will be spending time watching these guys to see how well they do nesting this year. Each year there are fewer Wilson's Plovers nesting on Jekyll. I want to see how I can help them. Stay tuned.

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dAwN said...

Another reason we should be there instead of here getting our motorhome service..Oh well
enjoyed your photos.