Thursday, June 30, 2011

Colorful Summer Birding Day

Today, Jean and her niece Charlie joined me on a bird ramble. After a rain storm, the weather was OK. Of course, it is always pleasant on the beach. Jean and Charlie are so much fun. We enjoyed just watching the skimmers. There was a pair of Black Skimmers that appear to be chasing each other. They flew around and over the gulls, terns and skimmers. They would twist and fly high and then fly low around and around. As quickly as the chase began, it ended. One of the skimmers landed in front of the flock, and the other midway in the flock. There was a lot of energy put out on that jaunt. The next thing we see is a skimmer flat on its belly.

Now skimmers do this all the time, so it would be no big deal if we hadn’t just witness the chase.
Of course, I looked for Wilson’s Plovers. The female was in her area. However, she was standing up and moving around. Is the nest still there? Time will answer that question. I am staying away.
We encountered a few Jelly fish including this one. It is pretty, but I’m not touching it. Look, don’t touch is a good rule when it comes to Jekyll fish.
After the beach, we went looking for forest birds. We found a beautiful Summer Tanager still singing a partial song. What a red! Sorry I just looked at the bird and forgot to take pictures.

Our last stop was the Amphitheater. The Wood Storks families are doing well. The two Pileated Woodpeckers were life birds for Charlie. There were plenty of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons. The surprises were Roseate Spoonbill and adult Little Blue Heron. It was a colorful summer birding day. What fun! Thanks Jean and Charlie.

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