Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 10 2011 With the Wilson's

Friday morning, I went out to check on the Wilson's Plovers. Tide was low going lower. It was interesting for there were a few horseshoe crabs laying eggs and a couple of them were upside down on the beach. I picked those up and put them back at the water line. "Is it right to do that?" I wonder? But when I looked back the crabs were gone, so maybe it is alright. It was early enough that no one had disturbed the resting birds. See.
I did find one lone male Wilson's Plover right at the point near the wreck. It was a long walk east on the beach. There was a new turtle nest. It is always interesting to see the trail of the turtles. Just as I was about to turn around, I heard the Wilson's Plovers out ahead of me. There were three adult plovers. The chick was very near the water’s edge. Photographing this chick is a challenge. One minute it is here, then it runs over there, then it is over here or somewhere in between.

It is good to know the chick is still doing ok.

I will be happy when it can fly...soon.

On the way back around the beach, up in the dry sand were a some Semipalmated Plovers. Counting them, there were 12. That is a pretty good group for this time of year.
I will leave you with this picture of the handsome Ruddy Turnstone.

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