Monday, June 20, 2011

Wilson's Plover signs 2011

I struggled through the smoke from the Okefenokee fires on June 18 to find a pair of Wilson's Plovers attempting to nest. So today, I met John Galvani at the Jekyll 4-H Center to put up six sign. While I was waiting Jimmie Ann and Janice drove up to recycle. I jumped in and asked if they would like to help. They were glad too. It was a nice walk to the beach. With four of us, it was easy to carry the signs and the hammer. We placed each sign down until with got to the end of the area. The first sign didn't want to go in. The rest were a breeze. The Wilson's were out to see us. We found four. I worry that we could cause problem for the nesting pair so I had us put them in as quickly as I could and back off. We had the signs up in an hour. John brought some of the Jim Hoyt's garden fresh bell peppers to share. We joked that we were paid in bell peppers. Really home grow vegetable are wonderful.

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