Friday, July 1, 2011

It isn't a jelly fish

When we were looking at the jelly on the beach, I wondered what exactly what it was. I asked

Donna at the Jekyll 4-H Center. Here is what she has to say about this creature.
"Not a real jelly- it is a comb jelly- a different phyla- the Cntenophores- most do not contain stinging cells. Most are hermaphrodites and eat plankton or each other. The green line is the comb row- they glow at night!!! Very cool"
Indeed very cool, there is always something else to learn. Don't you love it!

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Joy Window said...

The comb jellies we have here (and probably yours) have rows of cilia that cause rainbow colours to move down them as they swim. It's magic to see them in the water. Something about air in the cilia refracting light causes the colours (sorry, I've forgotten my high school physics).