Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am off on a wing and a pray

Well I arrived at Space Coast safe and sound. It took a couple of hours dithering around. The panels are up should the table go on the right or on the left I like to sit in the display and be able to look both ways. I enjoy watching birders and non-birders at festivals. It is fascinating to find how many people tell me they are not birdwatcher. After a few minutes of talking to them, I am sure, they would soon become birders. The birder bug is only one bird away. Just one bird and they will be off on a wild ride of discovery. There is a whole world out there not just birds but also bugs, plants and all kind of nature to take you to the far corners of the world. Just ask my friend Debbie Shearwater, she found shearwaters fascinating and off she went. She is set up here at Space Coast with Shearwater Adventures. Right now, she is preparing an adventure to Antarctica, penguins, icebergs and amazing frozen world. Debbie is an amazing guide. She infects you with the wonder of the natural world.
Anyway, I even had a sale! This nice lady recognized my work. She bought a piece of my years ago. She told me that the art has been moved from place to place. In each new town, it has a special place. Wow, that is the great complement!
I close shop and went to my campsite. I travel on a shoe sting and camping is a great way to shave cost. I am used to living on the road. I seemed to spend at least part of my adult live going somewhere, camping makes it easier to travel. So I am now all snug as a bug in my old van. It has been a good day.


Carl Runge said...

Hi Lydia,
Deb and I are on our way south. We are staying on JI this year and will be here for 3 months. I'll be in touch next week. Anxious to see Georgia birds.

Lydia said...

It will be great to see you guys. Stop by Wild Birds Unlimited on Wednesday. I would enjoy catching up.

Carl said...

We will stop by. Maybe you have room for one more on your ramble this Thursday.