Saturday, January 24, 2009

A few days of living on the road

Living on the road feels so natural. I know a good many people who live full time in RVs. Birds can do that to you. One day you are a normal person living a normal life. Then one bird sparks that curiosity and you are hooked. You are collecting maps and looking for those off the beaten path places becomes a way of life.
So here I am in Titusville with others who have been hooked. Birders are all around at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival! There are birders who have been birding for years and brand new birders. It is good to see them all. Now it has been cold but I have been camping all cocooned in my van at night. I've done a little birding but I been mostly at by booth...Artworks by Lydia. When I traveled year back. It was just you, the road and birds. In order to stay in touch, you had to find a pay phone. The computer has put a new slant to my travel.

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