Friday, January 30, 2009

Back home back at work

Back at home. Jekyll and the Golden Isles have been shrouded in fog and rain. On Tuesday, I went to explore a new birding path on Jekyll. Well, it is not really new. It used to be the best place to watch feeding shorebirds. Today the marsh is reclaiming it and I wonder if it is still has the same value to the birds.The tide was going out. These birds are following a school of fish out to the river.

It was fascinating to watch as the birds scramble for the best place.


Carl said...

Hi Lydia,
Wandered over to Indian Mounds Pond on Friday afternoon. Here's what I found: 5 Anhingas, 1 Common Moorhen, 1 Great Blue Heron, 8 deer, 5 golf balls.

Lydia said...

Carl, Nice finds. What time did you go and where was the tide?

Carl said...

I was there about 4:30 on Friday, near low tide. Went back yesterday by bike after the golfers were gone about 5:30, also near low tide. May have to make an embarrassing retraction on the moorhen: had a poor view on Friday, viewed from behind while in the brush along the shore, just a dark brown butt with white streakings on the flanks. On Sunday out on the pond was a beautiful male hooded merganser, also with a dark butt and white flank streakings. So don't count moorhen on the pond just yet, I'll keep looking. Four anhingas were still there, as were 8 deer.