Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa hats, bubbles, peanut butter and pine cones

Coastal Georgia Audubon Society was part in Jekyll Island' Tree Lighting last night. The evening was a blur to me but I do remember lots of people in Santa hats. There was one gentleman who was blowing huge bubbles some were as big as three feet across. Wow, they were beautiful floating up and into the oaks. All this and so much more was going on as we were setting up the Coastal Georgia Audubon Society's Kids activity.
Here is the way it was set up and ready for the evening.

We were going to help the children make pine cone bird feeders. There was lots of help on this project. Janie Smith of Wild Birds Unlimited Jekyll Island & I had done this last year so I had her outline of the activity. She also chipped in a lot of the supplies and a red wagon to cart them to the historic district. There were Audubon members Marge Inness, Trish McMillian, Debbie Mumford who helped with crowd control. Don Mumford tagged along and I glad he did. He was a great help. Beth Burnsed, the Jekyll Island event coordinator, recruited Mrs. Chunn and three of her students. We had an assemble line set up. My coloring book drawing of a Painted Bunting was the first stop. This gave the kids a little project to do while they waited to get a pine cone. Marge and Mrs. Chunn talked about the bunting and about feeding the birds.

Here we are at the start. See no peanut butter on our hands. In the picture....Lydia, Mika, Kathy and Raine

First step, choose a pine cone. This was where the students were a great help. First step slather on peanut butter. There was a lot of slathering going on and around and all over and some of it got on the pine cone. Second step roll the peanut buttered pine cone in seed. Third step was to put the pine cone in a bag. The last step was trying to get all the peanut butter and seeds off the young ones hands. We made around one hundred and seventy pine cone feeders. The evening event ended with the lights being turned on the big Jekyll Island Holiday Tree which was a native red cedar. What a great time we all had.

Here is a mother and her daughter sharing in the making of a bird feeder.

Here are Mika, Raine, Mrs. Chunn and Kathy after all the pine cone birdfeeders were made. Lots of peanut butter, lots of fun, lots of smiles.

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