Friday, November 14, 2008

Botany for Artists Workshop

Can you tell me what this plant is please? I walk by it twice a day for the last few weeks. I will admit I am still learning coastal plants, native or nonnative. So if you can help me here are a couple of images.

On November the 8th Trish Rugaber offer a workshop, Botany for Artists.

Here we are watching as Trish gives us some great instruction and information.

This workshop is part of Glynn Art’s awareness & fund raising “gARTen ART pARTy” November. For me art and nature go hand and hand so I am so excited for my own art association, Glynn Art Association, to be dedicating a awareness & fundraise for our own children art programs. There is nothing like a garden to inspire all ages.. Check out The website

In keeping with the theme of helping Children Art Programs, The Botany for Artist workshop was open to all artists of all ages. We had some very talented young people from high school and collage taking part.

Here is Glynn Art's Executive Director Ann Marie. She is looking through the microscope when I ask her to look up.

Here is Trish explaining some of the steps to creating a watercolor.

Getting set up to create

Trish teaches botany at the college in Brunswick. She opened her classroom to us for this workshop. There were microscopes set up. All kinds of plants were spread around the room to look at and draw. I brought in my mystery plant & put it under the digital microscope here are an image .

What a great morning. Thanks to Glynn Art Association and Trish for this wonderful experience.


Lydia said...

It was a great workshop. Enjoyed recapping it through your blog. When we decided to do the gARTen ART pARTy we set about finding some new workshops and with the Gaddy's Stepping Stone one, Trish's Botany, Cary Knapp and I are doing the children's Paint a Flower Pot tomorrow, and the Gourd Workshop on Sun we covered a lot of ground. Having a theme for the Georgia Coastal Artist was such a good tie-in for having a cohesive month!
Thanks for your support!
Ann Marie Dalis
Director of Program Development
Glynn Art Association
319 Mallery Street
St Simons Island GA 31522

Lydia said...

Thanks Ann Marie for the update on November at Glynn Art. It sounds like we should start checking in on the Glynn Art website to take part in some of the wonderful workshops.