Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Wilson's Plover chicks grow up

I am just like a proud parent. Want to see the Wilson’s Plover chicks? They are growing up. Now I didn't take these photo. The credit goes to Melanie Kist.
 Melanie went on several of my Rambles at the end of May. She has a very good eye for photography. And she shares the photos. Here are a series of the younger Wilson’s Plover chick.

Here is Dad grabbing his own dinner 
These are tough little birds and a joy to watch.

  This little bird started out with a bad leg but that healed.
See this little one just eats one wharf crab after another. As you can see nothing hold the little guy back. 

You can see why I call this chick little. Here it is with the older sibling.

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