Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putting up the fence one more time helps.

 Here is the oldest Wilson's Plover chick.  This bird is flying now! 
 The Second Wilson's Plover chick is close but we are wondering if this birds will fly.  However this little guy has surprised us before. 
 Sue Wagoner took all these pictures.  She surprised me by showing this picture.  It is the third chick on Jekyll! 
It took some work. Just last Friday, June 8, we had to put stakes back up. Here is Ben Carswell, Jekyll Island Authority's Director of Conservation hammering in one of those stakes.  It is a hard job but it is worth it.
      See!   The smallest chick is so cute.   It ran right by Sue.  Thanks Sue for these pictures.

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dAwN said... cute! And three?