Thursday, May 17, 2012

Babies on the beach

Well,  the two remaining Wilson's Plover chicks are doing alright so far.  See.
The little one on the left is tiny and has a little limp but that don't stop it.  I watched it catch wharf crabs and insects.
Further down the beach Ruddy Turnstones were enjoying a cash of horseshoe crab eggs. A couple of other shorebirds were waiting to jump into the feast.
I was able to show one Jekyll 4-H class  the Ruddy Turnstone's feast.
Just a little discussion about who get to eat.
 Another 4 H class was able to see the chicks.
 Life on the beach is good this morning.


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denapple said...

Wonderful! Those babies are just the color of the sand. Terrific protection from predators.