Thursday, May 3, 2012

Purple Gallinule at Jekyll's Amphitheater Pond

There was such a heartfelt out pouring of sadness to the total lost of the Amphitheater Wood Stork's Rookery last week.  Our whole area has been under a draught for several years.  This lake behind the old Amphitheater on Jekyll is down about 12 feet.  This left the nesting herons and egrets vulnerable to Raccoon raids because the alligators were to far away from the trees.  All the nests on the lake are now gone.
Another sign that the lake is very low, there has been a Purple Gallinule feeding on the plants around the edge of the lake.  Today after a call from John Galvani,  we rushed over to see this neat bird.   It great to have a great network of birders in the area. Thanks John. 


rebecca said...

Oh no! I'm sad to hear about the demise of the Wood Stork rookery. We took so many kids from the 4-H center to the amphitheater pond to see them.

Lydia said...

Yes it is sad about the Wood Storks they were such good ambassadors. I did get one last lesson in to the 4-H center's kid when I explained about what had happened to the nesting birds.
On another note the Wood Storks
at Harris Neck are doing fine.