Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sorry everyone I will try to do better about posting my birding notes. I am still working on the grant to study the Wilson’s Plovers at the south end of Jekyll Island. It is a very important grant and I am being very careful.
Male Wilson's Plover on the south end of Jekyll today. He was singing!

But I must work to pay the bills. Today I was out on a Ramble, my birding tours on Jekyll. Well, it started off with a bang. We turned into the soccer field to check of any rare birds and we found one. It was a bird that has eluded me here in Georgia. I have seen it in a lot of state but not here.

We turn in & there it was. It was walking across the grass. Heavy bodied long neck little head big eyes. The bill was sharp and pointed. It was an Upland Sandpiper right here on Jekyll. It was nervous. I did my best to get a photo. It is a poor photo but it shows the bird. Yea! A Georgia bird and a Jekyll bird what a great start to the day.


rebecca said...

I love the Wilson's Plovers - I never used to notice them because I was always watching the birds down by the edge of the water, but now that Jonathan's clued me in to watching the dunes as well I manage to spot the Wilson's Plovers just about every time I walk down there.

One day this week there was a meadowlark in the field in front of the 4-H center!

Lydia said...

Wilson's Plovers are great at blending in that keeps them safe but it also means most beach walkers miss them. The grant I am working on will help educate the public. Wish me luck.

Hallie said...

Uppie! great bird. I always love to get a new state bird. I hope your grant goes well. It is important work, even more so now. Good luck. I hope to see you again some time.