Saturday, April 9, 2011

Young people on Jekyll

Friday Afternoon, I had the honor of going along with Troy, age eleven, to the Amphitheater. He was visiting his Grandmother and had a school assignment on birds. The Amphitheater was the perfect place for a young person to have the first introduction to birds. So we were there. He had to come up with a question and find the answer. First we looked at the nesting Wood Storks, then the Roseate Spoonbills and mixing it up a little we looked at the cormorant. He learned to use the scope. He learned to use the field guide and he came up with three questions. His mom was taking pictures. I showed her how to use her camera with the scope. She got some good pictures so we were all learning. On the way out we ran into Angus, he asked what we had seen. Angus is a member of The Wood Thrushes youth birding team, and is getting ready for next week’s Youth Birding Competition. It was a great experience watching two young people birding on Jekyll. Good luck guys!


dAwN said...

How wonderful..I love to see young people interested in Nature!

Lydia said...

Me too, I hope I made it fun for Troy. It was important for him to see another kid excited about birds.