Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ribbon cutting at the viewing tower at St. Andrews Picnic Area

Have you ever wanted to have a birds eye view of the world? Not from the ground like these Wood Storks hanging out in the marsh. No way up so you can feel like a bird in the trees.

Well viewing towers can give us an opportunity to have that view.

Here is the new tower at Jekyll Island's St. Andrews Picnic Area.

Today we were invited to be at the Ribbon cutting for this tower. Being the early bird, I was there before the main group. Sharon, Judith and Jayne, who regularly join me for my Thursday Morning Bird Ramble birding tour, joined me. It is always nice to share the view. Here is part of the main group of Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) board arriving. See don't you feel a little like a bird? They came to officially open the tower & thank the maintenance staff spends hours putting this tower up with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Here is the group actually cutting the ribbon. Jones Hooks is the Executive Director for JIA. After the ribbon was cut the board members, staff and guest all came up to see the view. Here is Jones Hooks with Sharon, Jayne, and Judith.Well anyway it was a perfect day, just the right temperature the sky was very blue and made the water very blue. A few birds were around. Yes see the view, isn't it was stunning!

This tower is located in the St. Andrews Picnic Area on Jekyll Island's southwest side. From the parking lot walk right past the nice warm bathrooms and follow the path to the right through the cedar trees and it will be in front of you.


dAwN said...

Cant wait to get to Jekyll Island again..will for sure check this out.

Lydia said...

Hi Dawn, Me too do you have anything scheduled back east? If I am around we need to schedule a bird & chats and get come of the bird blogger together. Can't wait for that gathering!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot! Thanks for bringing your scope, watching the pelican glide over the water was a thrill!

Lydia said...

Hi Eric, Just after everyone left we had dolphins right in the river. It was a beautiful day.