Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golden Isles

This area is called the Golden Isles of Ga. During the winter our salt marshes look golden. SeeLast Friday, I was out with a group for my Friday Morning Amble around the historic district of Jekyll Island. These walks can be an hour or two hours. The group can request the time. It is amazing how fast time flies by. Anyway we were enjoying being serenaded by a Carolina Wren. There were about nine Eastern Bluebirds feeding on the grass. It was a fine morning. We look down at the salt marsh to see if a kingfisher was around when we saw the cord grass was a lovely shade of gold. No wonder it is called the Golden Isles. It was a golden morning for we ended our walk watching a Baltimore Oriole feeding in the top of a live oak.


Rick said...

Carolina Wren is my wife's favorite bird. We've seen Junkos again this year, too - we're right at the edge of their winter range, I believe, and sometimes they come, sometimes they don't.

Lydia said...

Hi Rick, Yea, juncos are rare down here. I've seen them on Sapelo and St. Simons and a couple of times on Jekyll. By the way that wren was just king of that post. They are great little actors.