Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue passed away just last month. She was around 21 years old. Here is a drawing I did of her curled up on the bed surrounded by hand made pillows. She was a well loved member of Judith and Les's family for 18 years. When they would go out of town, I would go over and spend a little time with Blue. She was a loving cat.

Why am I putting Blue in a birding blog?

Listen to Blue’s story or at least what is pieced together for us. Blue was an outdoor cat for the first two years of her life. She was loosely owned by two people who left her when they moved. They thought that she would be feed by other people in the apartment complex . Judith heard about this cat & went over and brought her to her new home. The cat was then call Momma Cat because she had had at least two litters of kittens.
She was fixed, got all her shots and a new name.
At a party a while back a couple came up to Judith. They said, "We hear you have our cat." Judith’s reply was I have a wonderful cat that someone threw away. Then she walked away.
Too many cats are being thrown away. They have kittens and the kittens grow up wild and unchecked. More and more cats are forced to live short hard lives eating what they hunt, birds, lizards and small mammals.
On the Glynn County Christmas Bird Count this year. I stopped at a couple of my good birding spots only to find cats lurking.
At one stop there were two beautiful cats in the trees.
We watched this cat climb down.

The cat on the left was taking a nap.
Sad to see so many cats thrown out. It is hard on the cats and hard on the birds.
I wish more cats had Blue’s story.

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