Friday, November 20, 2009

More on plastics

Back when I was on the road full time, I became alarmed at the amount of plastic. It was just floating around everywhere I looked, on roads, on trees, on beaches. For a few years after that, I refused to get anything plastic. Do you know how hard that task was? I bet you do. Now we can be all negative about this problem or we can find solutions. I favor finding solutions. Buy Recycled! Do any of you have some ideas on how to be part of the solution?
By the way check out this post from SEANET blog just in case you are not sure just how far reaching this plastic problem is:


northern birder said...

Where I am from (New Brunswick, Canada) most of the large grocery stores have gone to charging for plastic bags and people use reusable cloth bags. It works very well. We also recycle our garbage and it is amazing how much plastic builds up in a week. I think it would help if we did things like this all over North America.

Lydia said...

Isn't that the truth, When you think about it we use a lot of plastic. I have been using cloth tote bags for years. Thanks for the comment.