Sunday, November 8, 2009

Common Eiders

On Saturday, I was getting ready for a demo of etching for Glynn Art's gARTen ART pARTy. I had just finished my new etching, when I got a call. Two Common Eiders were floating off Sea Island.
Thank heavens Bill Flatau spotted them for he could get me onto Sea Island. This is Bill's picture. Nice shots! Sea Island is a gated community and someone has to let you on the island. I jump into my van and went. I was not the only one there. As rare birds tend to do they attract a crowd of happy birders. Happy birders see other neat birds. Besides the female eiders there were thousands of Black Scoters. This is the first time I have seen these birds down here in several year. It is nice to see so many.Not a bad day a new etching and a couple of year birds.
Another one of Bill's images. Thanks for sharing, Bill.

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