Monday, November 30, 2009

The Lighting of the trees

Wow! Time does fly by. I have had several tours on St. Simons and on Jekyll. The shorebirds are here. I will tell you about them later. Last Saturday, November 28, our Coastal Georgia Audubon Society was invited to be apart of The Lighting of the Trees on Jekyll Island. This was our third year of helping the folks make pine cone bird feeders. It was very easy to do.
First station choose a pine cones. These were gathered by Audubon members, Carole and Fredi.
Here's the first crew of volunteers from Glynn Academy putting string on the pine cones. This was at the beginning everything was so neat.
Second station was the slathering peanut butter on the pine cone. This was messy but a lot of fun.
Third station was the rolling of the bird seed. Our friends at Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop provided the seed, cookie sheets, butter knifes to spread the peanut butter. The fourth station was putting the pine cone feeders in a baggies to take home. The last station was the clean up station. Here's the late crew from Glynn Academy. They really got into it.Sue from Jekyll Island volunteered to help and our crew Fredi, Marge, Debbie and me. Debbie brought her flash cards of birds she photographed. They were a big hit. Here is a couple of Audubon members testing themselves.
At the end of the evening we had made around 150 pine cone bird feeders. The birds are going to be very happy.

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LauraHinNJ said...

This year was my first at the Colonial Coast Festival... what a great time! Hope to get back next year...