Friday, July 24, 2009

In the pink

Well, it has been a long haul. All the calling, emailing, talking we did to get all the field trips lined up along with the seminars and workshops but the Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding and Nature Festival booklet is at the printers and I am in the pink for the weekend. In celebration I thought I would show some of the pink things I watched today. I was coming back from Jekyll Island. There is a long traffic light while sitting there I look over and this is what I saw.

Can you blame me for pulling off and admiring them?
On the way out to the south end of Jekyll I stop to photograph these Little Pinks. I just held up my little point and shoot and fired away. I am an artist to the core. I didn't care about sharpness of the shots. I wanted to show off how these delicate flowers bring a softness to the hot, harsh environment of the dunes.

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dAwN said...

Wow..what an awesome sight!Drive by wildlife photography..hee hee

Wish I could go to your festival! some day...