Monday, July 6, 2009

Ware County Georgia Breeding Bird Survey cont

Wild flowers and unique trees are part of what makes this Breeding Bird Survey so interesting. Some of these plants need fire to grow.

In 2007 three wildfires raged through the area. The last ten stops were especially ravaged. Here are some photos just after the fire with how it is recovering.

fire at Melton Road in 2007

June 28, 2009 Milton Road

This was between stops around number 48 in 2007. The fires just scorched the ground.
Now in 2009 it is coming back. The grass is lush and thick.

stop number 49 in 2007

the same stop in 2009 Our May and June have been very wet and the White Ibis are doing quite well here. In the front of this image there are some whitish flowers. They are called Paint Root because the root are used to make a red dye. Sandhill Cranes enjoy eating the roots of this plant in the winter. This area is just fascinating but you have to look very close. Thanks to Sheila, I have learned to see it for the very special place it is.

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