Tuesday, March 11, 2008

running to catch up

Well time flies when there are lots of birds & birders around. So this is a catch up blog. As February fades into March the birds are becoming more and more active. This activity excites folks to stop and watch. I love it. As I like to say “One of my favorite birds is the last one I saw.” Yes, even cowbirds & grackles if it gets one more person to watch birds and more importantly caring about birds.
So let's starts with February 24, high tide in the morning means I must stop by the oxbow creek near the Jekyll Island Causeway. I was rewarded with at least six Seaside Sparrows singing and bouncing around in the marsh grass. My group was large but everyone was excited as we headed to the southwest side of Jekyll. My heart sank though. There were three groups ahead of us & they had scattered all the bird all the way to the river. Thankfully there were a few birds left included some American Avocets. As we stood there another herd of kids were stampeding toward the birds. My habit in this case is to step in front of the group and politely ask them to please not disturb the bird. But one little boy won my heart. He held up his point & shot camera and ask if he could photograph the birds.
Well my group was all smiling so I put the scope at his level and told him how to photograph thru the scope. As he worked I explained to the leader why the birds were there. As we left he was also helping by explaining why the birds were there. YEA!
The morning was finished at the Amphitheater and a tree filled of Wood Stork.

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