Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher rule

Sorry I don't have a good photo of a gantcatcher so I just put in the Brown Thrasher we watched.

Thursday was another wonderful birding day on Jekyll. We had perfect weather. The tide was way out so we bounced around a lot. At the end of the morning we had seen or heard over seventy species. The stars were Blue-gray Gnatcatchers which were all over the place in little gangs of three to six birds. Next bird was the Yellow-throated Warblers my goodness. Everyone keep tell me they wanted to go to the Campground Sanctuary so we squeezed it into the morning. Yet again we were rewared by a Northern Parula at the bird drip. Around noon we were at the Amphitheater pond. Guess what those crazy Wood Stork are building nests while one lone Roseate Spoonbill looks on with little real interest on the process.

Wood Storks gathering sticks.

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