Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marching into March

We are marching right into March and March the 6th was wonderful. The weather was perfect. The tide was just right to rush down to the south end. We were ahead of most groups. At the pole ( I call 4-H west) on west there were birds. The first bird we catch sight of was a Wilson’s Plover sitting close to the banded Piping Plover that been around since October. we had seven Wilson's Plovers down there so the season begins. On down the beach there were American Oystercatcher and Avocets with the gang of gulls and terns. Bird song is everywhere. Yellow - Throated Warblers have been singing since the middle of February but just the day before March 5th I heard my first Northern Parula. At the Sanctuary, the Cardinals were all over but the bird of the day was a Black & White Warbler. This bird was all over the place in the birdbath on the trees. It even almost landed on one of my guests. As is my habit, we finished at the Amphitheater pond with Wood Storks, herons egrets, alligators. There at the very end we were treated to a pair of Red-tail in love. Those hawks were flying wingtip to wingtip and even did a little talon locking. It was a dynamic end to a stunning day.

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