Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beauty berries and butterflies

There is a native plant that is so pretty this time of year. Its common name is American Beauty Berry. See isn't it beautiful and the birds love it. Pretty soon we will have lots of Gray Catbirds and thrushes making a feast of these juicy purple berries.

While we are looking around the Gulf Fritillaries are on the move. It is going to be an exciting season. Don't forget to take a look at the Georgia Coast Birding and Nature Festival. We have a little something for every nature lover. Join us October 7-10, 2010


dAwN said...

Thats a beautiful berry...
I also love the Porcelain berry..although it is an invasive..

Lydia said...

Hi Dawn, The nice thing about Beauty Berry is that it is a native down here. It has a pretty little flower in the spring and those beautiful berries in the fall.