Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kids and Bluebirds

Coastal Georgia Audubon Society is a small group but its members do big things for the community. Chris Daughtry is one of our member that fits that description. Through the years he and a group of Audubon members made bird houses by recycling the oak pallets he finds. This group puts the houses together and then takes them apart, mark them and then tapes them together. These kits are ready for children who visit our booth at Coastfest. Coastfest is our Coastal Department of Natural Resources' way of showcasing the conservation groups who are working on our coast. The event was Saturday October 3.
Here is Chris giving instructions to the Home Depot staff that are going to help the children build the birdhouses. Notice the box in the foreground. I have made 200 Georgia's Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival Nature Day Flyers to give out with the boxes.

Here are a couple of happy children putting together their own bird house. Several families told me that birds used the houses they made the year before and how much fun it was to watch the birds choose the box and following to fledging the chicks.

Here is the display. Another hard working Aududon member made 12 posters for us. Look at some of Carole Lyons wonderful posters. The gates open at 10 AM and between 10 AM to 3 PM the volunteers worked nonstop. There were 200 Bluebird houses built. Incredible! Parting image of the crowd waiting to build a birdhouse.

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