Thursday, October 8, 2009

The GA's Co.onial Coast Birding & Nature Festival

Hi Dawn

Tomorrow starts the crazy five days of birding festival for me. I thought I would just say, thanks for the comment on my Ring-billed Gull post. Gulls are just one of the reasons, I love to watch birds. They leave us guessing more often than not. They love to confuse us. Don't you just love the brain excise.

In the meantime, eek, The GA's Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival is upon us. Here is a group shot on St. Catherine's Island a few years back. Don't they look like they are having fun? I wonder which bird is the best bird. We have been planning for more than a year to build a wonderful fun time for all birders. We have field trips up and down 99 miles of coastline.

This is a Saturday at our exhibit space we call the Rookery. Everyone is watching the Raptor show. I want no rain and good winds. Oh yes! Lots of good birds. Of course in my book they are all good birds. Part of my reason of going thru this excise is to make more people aware of how many song bird species we are loosing.

I will post more in five day.

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dAwN said... did I miss this post??? Well I did..I was just catching up with your blog and found this has been a very spotty internet fall and winter for crappy broadband connection after another with only enough time and patience for blog posts..I am now at a coffee shop using free wifi..
Glad the festival went well! gonna read more of your posts now..