Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surprise Black-headed Gull

Well I left you with a little tease about this gull that was in the last picture.

Here the bird again from my grainy image

Here is a first-cycle Bonapart's Gull I saw on April 28, 2009 on the southend of Jekyll. It is the one sitting down.

During the morning of shorebird watching on May 9, Brad Winn had his boat on the other side of the little no-named island. Looking at all those shorebirds, sorting them out and just enjoying the moments we were sharing was unbelievable. Toward the end of our time there, Brad came around and pointed out this little gull. I got a couple of images but we were leaving. This "little" gull was buoyant as I watched it in water. Thanks to Brad's skill as photographer and his camera we were able to have a better look.

Both the Bonapart's and Black-headed gulls are delicate gulls. But the Black-headed gull is larger. The bill is slightly longer and stouter. It is two-toned reddish at the base and dark at the tip.

And when it flies......
You can see the white wedge on the wing and the contrasting dark wedge that help identify it as a Black-headed Gull not a Bonapart's Gull. What a thrill!


dAwN said...

Well I certainly wouldn't have been able to ID those gulls..
Hopefully now..after seeing the photos I will have a better chance of ID.

Lydia said...

I was just glad that Brad was able to take good pictures. I got two as our boat was leaving. Only one was ok. The other the gull had just stuck his head in the water. There was no way to id it from that one.

blue ridge birdman said...

Great photos and good explanation of id points. How do you get time for art with all those birds around?

Lydia said...

Birds are my inspiration-the more the merrier.