Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday Morning Birding Blast

You know sometime birding is just down right fun. Thursday's bird ramble certain was just that- a blast. We just hit every place at just the right time. At the Welcome Center the tide was perfect for all the shore birds to start to gather. Barb spotted a Clapper Rail right out in front of us. Priscilla finally got her long satisfying look. We all did.

Moving on to the south end beach we had 3 Wilson's Plovers. They were right where they had nested last year. There were a ton of Dunlin. Carl did a count for us and there were 430 Dunlin.
Moving toward the point, the American Oystercatchers were banked up and resting. Dolphins were playing in the water off the point. Just when we were getting ready to turn around 40 American Avocets flew in. What a impressive gathering of birds. From the beach we went up to the Bird Sanctuary in the campground and there was a Pine Warbler on the feeder. When it was all tallied up we had seen 62 species for the morning.

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