Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coastal Georgia Audubon at Coastfest 2008

Once again Chris Daughtry has pull it out of the hat. Thanks to the hard work of several of our Coastal Georgia Audubon Society members with Chris leading them over the year, there were 200 bluebird box kits for the children to make at the Coastfest Coastal Georgia Audubon Society booth. The booth is always a hit. There were lines of children with their parents lined up to make the boxes. A few of our members spent 5 hours straight Saturday helping the children. We talked about where to put the boxes, the benifits of birds and showed several other kinds of nests. The hummingbird nest was a hit.

Several the parents told me they were excited because the houses they build last year were uses by bluebirds. Thanks to all of you who put in the hours of the hard work putting together this wonderful interactive booth.

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