Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A rainy Sunday in Woodbine

Woodbine Riverwalk map
Sunday, I had to run the route that the Woodbine Riverwalk and Kayak. Woodbine is a lovely small community about 35 minutes south and west of Jekyll Island. It is on the Satilla River. The town lost its main railroad awhile back. The community turned that old railroad grade into a Greenway which they called Woodbine Riverwalk. In these days when so many are clearing out places, it is heart warming to see this community putting back. Here are some pictures of the Riverwalk.

Views of the Satilla River from the Riverwalk

It was near the Hobo grave. Here is a Common Ground-Dove

Along this walk there were a quite a few butterflies.


Lori said...

Lydia, I had a wonderful time birding with you on Sunday. What a pleasure it is to bird with someone with your knowledge. The butterflies were gorgeous too! Thank you for coming to see us in Woodbine.

Lydia said...

Woodbine is a fine example of a community that cares. I did my column in the Jekyll Islander newspaper on Woodbine. I will put it on my art website in the next couple of days. under the chatting page.