Friday, July 27, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Hello Sunday was quiet.
I took the opportunity to walk in my favorite place- the south end of Jekyll Island known as Jekyll point. There are generally loads of shorebirds , gulls and terns to watch. All three Wilson Plover juveniles were there racing around. The Sanderlings and Least Sandpipers are returning from their breed grounds. It is a pleasure to see them. Some of the terns present were Least Terns, Royal Terns, and Sandwich Terns. There was one very young juvenile Royal Tern whose the bill was still short and shout and still yellow orange. Any way it was a great break.

I did see four folks from Colorado. They thought the birds were rocks so I invited them over to look through my Leica Scope. They enjoy the birds especially the Wilson Plovers juveniles. All in All it was a good bird walk.

Gray Kingbirds are found on Jekyll in the Summer They nest in the trees near the convention center and this year at the south end.

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