Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a jumble of a week


It has been a mad rush of a week. The Ramble was on Friday. Peggy and her friends Susan and Debbie joined me. This was there first birding outing. Here are a few birds they got to see. Before I met them there were 4 Roseate Spoonbill in the marsh. Of course when I tried to find some for Peggy, Susan and Debbie the only one I saw was flying away.

They did get great looks at Tricolored Herons

At the south end of Jekyll the terns were gathered. A Least Tern offered a small silver fish to another Least Tern. She just was interested at all.

While watching that I spotted the Wilson's Plover's with two chicks. The chicks were growing fast. We saw two other pairs of Wilson's Plover but no sign of chicks or nesting. It has been a hard year.

We saw Painted Bunting at Tidelands. The Campground was aactive but there was a racoon that took over the bird drip and so we moved on the the Amphitheater where the Wood Stork are growing up.

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